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Verrucas, Warts & Fungal Nails.


Warts and Verrucae.

Warts and verrucae seem to be very common. Warts are small, rough lumps that often appear on the hands and feet. Some types of warts appear on different parts of the body – for example, verrucae are warts that tend to appear on the soles of feet or in between toes. Most people will develop warts at some point in their life although teenagers and children are typically affected more than adults.


The treatment of warts and verrucas is a Yag laser, the treatment itself is extremely quick, just a fraction of a second to ‘zap’ the area, depending on how rough the skin is in the area and how much build up of scar tissue from other treatments will impact on the success of one treatment, however, in most cases, just one treatment will be required, especially on the hands. A very small spot size laser beam is directed at the growth, and the current passed through the laser into the wart. This treatment cauterises the growth, causing it to change colour (grey to black) and fall off. Each treatment takes around 5 minutes. Some types of warts are more resilient to treatment than others and may require additional treatments. Usually, the wart will fall off within about one to two weeks of treatment, leaving skin smooth and blemish-free. Treatment is well tolerated. Subsequent treatments if required are usually 4-6 weeks apart. This treatment can be successful carried out on children.


Warts & Veruccas

Symptoms & causes

  • Secondary Viral Infection
  • Poor Immune System
  • Painful
  • Unsightly
  • Embarrassing 
  • Spreading 

from £50

Per Treatment

Laser is the ONLY solution to this problem


Questions you may have about Verrucas, Warts & Fungal Nails

What Causes Warts?

An infection of HPV (human papilloma virus) causes warts. You probably won’t know that you’ve got the virus and it is unlikely that it will cause any other symptoms. It causes an increase in the amount of keratin produced by the body, and this excess keratin develops in the epidermis. Keratin is a hard protein, which is what causes the rough, hard texture of the wart. Warts are very contagious and can be passed on through close skin contact. Infection can be caused indirectly through contact with surfaces that may have come into contact with the virus, such as swimming pools, and warts may take a few months to appear following the initial infection.

Fungal Nail

Fungal nail disease (onychomycosis) affects approximately 10% of the adult population and seems to be becoming an increasing problem, this may be due to the rise in salons doing permanent gel nails, or trauma caused from wearing running/trainers for longer periods of time.

As much as a fungal nail infection causes little pain in most cases, it is the aesthetic that causes the stress to most patients, as it means wearing open toed shoes and saddles becomes problematic due to the unsightliness of the toe nails, and can be just as stressful if the fungal nails are on the hands as it is difficult to hide your hands, the most successful aspect of treating hands even more than toes is that the nails on the hands grow much faster so the success of treatment is much quicker, thus improving stress levels.

The fungus proliferates and invades the nail bed by penetrating the margins of the nail.

Conventional treatment options include both topical and oral medications, both of which can be time consuming and cause unwanted side effects. Although not popular, surgical removal of the nail is possible.

Laser fungal nail treatment is an excellent option that is safe and enables immediate return to normal activities.

The laser uses short pulses of light energy to heat up the nail to the point where the fungal infection is destroyed without collateral damage to the nail.

Treatments are usually performed monthly until the infection grows out. Nails grow slowly, so improvement is seen over several months. The nails may feel slightly sensitive for 48 hours post treatment, and we suggest applying antibacterial foot spray twice a day and to apply this to all footwear for a couple of months post first treatment to ensure no more transference of fungal spores.

The treatment is very quick, a patient will be generally only seen for a 15 minute appointment.

For more information about the treatment of warts and verrucae, please contact Skin Technology:- info@skintechnology.co.uk. Or 0141 2222 503

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