Laser Hair Removal


Hair Removal:

Unwanted hair is an enormous problem for both women and men, we all wish for fabulous hair on our heads, but don’t really want to have much or any elsewhere on our face or bodies.

The only reliable, safe and successful treatment is ‘true’ medical laser hair removal, this has been carried out successfully since the late 90’s and during the 2000’s it has become more accessible and widespread and is now the ‘go to’ option for permanent hair removal. Of course there are many cheaper, less successful and in many cases dangerous systems, usually being promoted at laser hair removal, when they are actually not, this has to some extend made the medical laser industry seen as less successful, and cheap deals on discount websites have caused this.

However, a medical Laser is very successful at permanent hair removal and very much worth the price. A good laser is able to treat all skin colours and all but the lightest hair successfully with no ‘downtime’, and evidence of less hair growth should always be seen even with the first treatment, although multiple treatments will in most cases be required, this is because hair follicles do not grow at the same time or same speed, and the hair bulb must be attached to the follicle for the treatment to be at its most successful.

Brief Explanation:

How does hair grow?

Each individual hair has a shaft and a root, the shaft is what is visible and the root is buried within the skin and is fed by the blood supply. There are three stages to hair growth, and the optimum time for laser is as it is in a growth stage, this cycle varies dependent on age, hair type and where it is on the body.

How does the treatment work:-

The laser delivers a super fast shot of light directly onto the surface of the skin, and penetrates the heat into the hair follicle. The heat helps to disable the follicle growth. The hair shaft is used as a conductor for the heat. Multiple treatments are required to capture and maximise each individual’s hair growth pattern, this becomes important when treating hormonal issues such as Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome.







The initial consultation is free of charge with no obligation to undergo treatment. Costs vary depending on the area treated.

Upper lip £45 £225
Upper lip and chin £425£85 £425
Under arm and bikini line£165 £825
Back £200 £1000
Neck £70 £350
Chest £135 £675
Shoulders £90 £450
Abdomen (whole) £100 £500
Upper arms (all round) £100 £500
Lower arm (all round) £110 £550
Whole arms (all round)£165 £825
Shoulders and back of neck £110 £550
Under arms £90 £90 £450
Bikini line
£110 £550
Nipple area£55 £275
Beard Area £70 £350
Chin £60 £300
Eyebrows (in between) £40 £200
Ears £55£275
Full face£90 £600
Nose £70£350
Lower legs (all round) £165£825
Thighs (all round) £180 £900
Thighs & lower legs (all round)£245 £1225

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