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clearvein_rollup_f Face Veins:

Facial thread veins or broken veins (telangiectasia)and broken capillaries are small unsightly superficial red, purple or blue veins that usually occur around the nose but can spread out onto the cheeks and even the chin.

Thread veins occur when the vein dilates and becomes large enough to be visible through the transparency of the skin. These unsightly dilated blood vessels are seen almost exclusively in patients with fair skin.

What makes it happen?

They are caused by a variety of factors including exposure to sunlight, wind and the extremes of temperature, such as stepping out of a warm environment into a cold wind will easily damage a fine fair skin, this can even happen in children, and other causes such as pregnancy and blood pressure changes are common causes.

Before & After One treatment:

face-vein-before-1                                   face-vein-after-1

Facial vessels are most effectively treated by laser and often several different laser systems are used in combination, such as Yag laser (where the spot size can be selected to suit the vessel size and depth) and IPL to help clear the ‘flushing’ on the skin, especially on the cheek and chin area.

This is usually a treatment with little or no downtime, and you will leave the clinic with a mild flush on the skin, makeup can be applied immediately, and they may be a slight puffiness to the skin for 24 hours. The treatment is very tolerable and the treatment area is kept cold throughout the treatment, and the skin may feel chilled for some time post treatment which will help calm the skin post treatment.

Depending on the severity of the vascular issue, more than one treatment may be needed, although in many cases just one treatment will solve the problem, if any subsequent treatments are required this would be carried out 4 weeks post initial treatment.








Facial Veins Price List:

One Treatment (full face) £150

Top up treatment within 3 months £75

Small area such as nose £50

Other areas such as Décolletage. Price at consultation

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