Asian & Dark Skin



•    Dull, sensitive skin
•    Brown pigmented marks after every spot or scratch
•    Dark circles around eyes and dark patches of skin around mouth etc.
•    Breakouts, redness, oiliness and open pores
•    Fine lines and wrinkles

Asian & Dark Skin

An Asian or Dark skin is the most sensitive skin type in the world, if you put four Asian people side by side then you would notice how vastly different their skin type and colouring can be! and this is what makes it so unpredictable and sensitive, how we go about improving your skin will be determined by your Observ skin scan and how well your skin tolerates the prescription home care, this is specifically determined and prescribed based on each individuals needs.

Some of the most common issues for an Asian and Dark skin type are:-

  • Too Dry or Too Oily
  • Uneven colour
  • Uneven Texture
  • Blemishes and blocked pores
  • Dark marks left from spots and scars

Working on an Asian or Dark Skin is a very slow and gentle process, as the skin is very delicate and can be made to work too quickly or too harshly and this will result in PIH (Post inflammatory Hypo Pigmentation) which is even more difficult to correct.  Every blemish or scar on a dark skin leaves what we call a pigmented lesion (this is where the skin goes even darker) and this is the way the very delicate skin tries to heal and protect itself.  This is of course what we don’t want, so the correct procedure is very much tailored to each individuals needs.  Perhaps a mild peel is the most that can be done on some skins.  The correct home care over a long maintenance period is the best solution most of the time, with a regular check up several times a year.

With the new technology some mild laser treatment can be carried out once the skin is compliant with the specialist home care system, this can take from two weeks to several months prior to being compliant to clinic treatments.

One of the safest and quickest ways to improve the look of Asian and Dark skin is to carry out varying strength peels, from mild AHA Retinol peels to TCA, with TCA being the strongest and quickest way to improve the skin.

Many Asian patients wish to improve the dark skin around the eye, this is very difficult but can be safely treated and improved with specialist ‘bleaching’ creams used consistently over several months.

For acne problems, the new ClearSkin laser has no downtime and is very comfortable and will improve and clear any bacteria present on the skin so that the acne will improve and disappear, this may take a series of treatments carried out over several months and is recommended to be carried out with peels and home care.

Acne scarring can be treated successfully and carefully on a ‘prepared’ skin after consistent home care has been applied.




Price List:

Observe Skin Scan – free

Home care products starting from – £30 – £120, ranging from cleansers to skin lightening products.

Clear Skin treatment – £100 per treatment

Peels – £120 – £400

All treatments are tailor made and prices and costs will be clearly indicated at time of personal consultation.

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